Introduction to MEMOBASE

Welcome to MEMOBASE, the comprehensive access point to Switzerland’s audiovisual heritage.

MEMOBASE is a core product of Memoriav. The database’s objective is to gather together newly indexed, restored or digitised collections from Memoriav projects. This information on Switzerland’s cultural heritage is then available to researchers, educators and any other interested parties – free of charge.

Currently, MEMOBASE offers access only to metadata in the areas of sound/radio, film and video/TV in general. One of Memoriav’s top priorities is to provide step-by-step access to all content. Due to copyright reasons, however, this will only be possible in streaming mode for specific locations and workstations.

As of march 2011, MEMOBASE contains the metadata of 303'166 audiovisual records, divided into the following:

  • Photography: 33'807 (13%)
  • Sound/Radio: 77'301 (25%)
  • Film: 8'337 (3%)
  • Video/TV: 176'880 (58%)
  • Mixt (Radio/Video): 1'841 (1%)

For additional information about the collections contained in MEMOBASE, click on Inventory.

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